Crazy Mirror Version 2.2

© 2005, 2006, Tatsuo Unemi.

This is a useless application for fun that runs on MacOS X with iSight.

When you feel tired at your work, please launch this software, shake your head slowly, move your shoulder up and down, blink your eyes, and then take three deep breaths.

If you feel still tired, try another mode by clicking an alternative button at the bottom of the window.

Sorry, but we don't guarantee the effects on your feeling.

Click here to download. It's a freeware.

System Requirements

  • CPU: PowerPC G4/G5, or Intel Core Solo/Duo. In case of G4, it is better to be faster than 1.2GHz for single and 1GHz for dual processor.
  • OS: MacOS X 10.3.9 or later.
  • Memory: 128MB or more. It needs 384MB for the fine mode.
  • Camera: iSight or DV-CAM.

What's new

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Since June 14, 2005, Updated in June 12, 2006. Tatsuo Unemi