MIDI AE 1.1 A small application software that makes a bridge between MIDI controllers and scriptable applications for MaxOS X.
Some of the popular softwares running on MacOS X, such as Safari, Mail, iCal, iPhoto, iTunes, QuickTime Player, Finder, and so on, are scriptable, that is, controlable by AppleScript program that independently runs on MacOS X. This program, MIDI AE, enables you to control a scriptable application with keys, knobs and sliders of your MIDI controller by converting MIDI messages to a short AppleScript program and executing it.
Hint: Here is another freeware named MidiPipe for more general purpose of MIDI I/O including a trigger of AppleScript from incomming MIDI message, but the feature has some different points.

System Requierment

This software runs on MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5 of Apple's Macintosh computers. In the case of 10.5, 10.5.3 or later is recommended. This is a universal binary for both PowerPC and Intel CPU. You need only a small memory and disk space.


Click here to download the disk-image file and mount it. You can find a binary executable and some sample files.


This is a freeware that you can use and copy in any purpose. But, any amount of donation is welcome to encourage further development of extension and maintenance. Click here for online donation.

How to use

The executable contains "Help files" that you can brows by "Help" menu of the menu bar. If you want to read it before download, please click here.

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Since May 22, 2008.
Updated on June 6, 2008.
This work is a part of Project 72 by T. Unemi and D. Bisig. © 2008, Tatsuo Unemi