Unemi Labo

Theme of our researches

Main research theme of Unemi's Laboratory is Applications of Artificial Life to New Media Art and Sociology that pursue the intrinsics of life by synthesizing another possible form of life on the computer. Our favorite tequniques are Genetic Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning Method, and Augmented L-System. The target area is very wide, see the page of Unemi's works.

Location ... where we are working.

You can see us at Room #F707 located in the seventh floor of the building of Graduate School of Engineering. This building is between the building of Faculty of Engineering and the Center Library. We moved from #R307 in March 1995. We moved from #708 in September 2014, where we were sharing the space with the members of Atsumi's Laboratory.


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April 2022
Tatsuo Unemi, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University