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Load Movie

You can indicate the source movie in several ways.

Selecting a file just after start

As similarly as another document-based application, such as TextEdit, this software also opens an Untitled document when you launch it by clicking the icon of application module displayed in a Finder window, Dock, or Launchpad grid. By default, you are prompted to specify which movie file to be loaded every time a new docuement opens. You can stop this behavior by the preference panel of this software.

Dropping a file icon

There are two sites you can drop a dragged file icon to load a movie. One is the icon of application module in a Finder window or Dock. Another one is the summary image and the text field for movie filename in a document window. The operation onto the application icon launches the software if it is not running. If it is running, the movie is assigned to the current active document. If there is no document openned, it makes a new document with the dropped movie.

You can also start dragging a movie icon from a movie monitoring window of this software. It would be useful when you want to summarize a movie in a number of different formats.

The movie item shown in a window of iPhoto is also able to be dragged to load it, but a similar operation does not work on Photos application. You can copy the movie file of the item shown in Photos window by dropping it on the desktop or another Finder window, then it can be dragged and be dropped onto this application.

Operating button and menu

Clicking the button labelled Load Movie... under the toolbar of a document window, or selecting the item of the same label from File menu in the menu bar, a panel sheet to select a movie file appears. The object movie is replaced by the one newly selected.

From saved document

You can choose whether the movie's URL is included in a document file or not when you save the settings into a Video Summary 2's document file. If the document you openned includes a movie's URL, the software tries to load the movie. It would be useful when you want to continue your work on the same movie after you stop the system.

Load a recent movie

A movie file is recorded in the submenu of Load Recent Movie item in the File menu. You can load the movie again by oprating this menu.
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