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Save, Print, and Copy Image

The summary image built up from the movie can be saved in a disk file, printed, and copied into the pasteboard.


To save the image into a file, click a toolbar item labelled Save Image, or choose Save... item from Summary menu in the menu bar. In the save panel, you can select the way to save the image as one image file or separated files for each extracted frame. If you select to save the images into separated files, a new folder of specified name is created, and the files named by digits are made under the folder. You can choose the compression method, PNG or JPEG. In case of PNG, you can choose if interlaced mode is used or not. In case of JPEG, you can indicate the compression rate and specify if progressive mode is used or not.


To print the image, click a toolbar item labelled Print, or choose Print item from File menu in the menu bar. The image is expanded or shrunk to adjusted to the paper size keeping the aspect ratio of width and height. It adds the path of movie filename and the current date and time.


To copy the image data into the pasteboard, choose Copy item from Summary menu in the menu bar. You can also use context menu of the summary image to copy it or the cell image.
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