Evolution of a Botanical Development System in 3D Euclidean Space

presented in the poster session of ALIFE VI in June 26-29, 1998 at UCLA.
by Tatsuo Unemi and Takeshi KOIKE
Dept. of Info. Sys. Sci., Soka University Hachioji, Tokyo 192-8577, JAPAN
This paper describes an alternative trial to simulate evolutionary and developmental process of multi-cellular plants in 3D Euclidean space. Starting from a seed on the surface of the ground, each individual grows by spawning daughter cells of each active cells. The rule set of growth is encoded as a gene on the chromosome that indicates the orientation of daughter cell and state transition. The model is very simple but includes a type of metabolism for absorbing water at the root underground and photosynthesis at the cells above the ground. Through the computer simulation of evolutionary process by a genetic algorithm with a fitness measure given by the number of cells, a variety of phenotypic shapes which are similar to moss have emerged.

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