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Let's breed images!

SBART developed by Tatsuo Unemi is a design support tool to create an interesting 2-D CG image based on artificial selection, which was originally proposed as Artificial Evolution by Mr. Karl Sims.

The basic idea is combination of simulated breeding and genetic programming. The former technique came from R. Dawkins' Blind Watchmaker, and the latter came from J. Koza's genetic algorithm that uses Lisp forms as chromosomes.

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Version 4 for MacOS X 10.6 is here. Let's breed movies!

Version 3 for MacOS X 10.4 PPC is here.
Version 2 for MacOS 8 and 9 is here.

sbeat2.0b1 PPC was released in September 4, 2001. Let's breed music!
DT1 (the first product of Side T in Project DaTa) was released in June 4, 2004. Let's play with the flock!
June 19, 2010 JST
Tatsuo Unemi, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University