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Version 4.2β5 for MacOS X was released in May 17, 2010 JST
Version 3.0α13 for MacOS X was released in March 22, 2005 JST
Version 2.4b3 for PowerMac was released in November 4, 2000 JST,
Version 2.2b was released in December 24 1996 JST.

Tatsuo Unemi, as the developer of sbart, would appriciate you, if you could try to use and enjoy it and inform me of any comments. Please note that he has no responsibility if your use of any version of sbart and SBART Manual Viewer would cause any damage on your system and your health.
Sources (C & Motif1.2) Binaries
Version 2.2b 62999 bytes
Version 1.0 48564 bytes
4.2 for MacOS X 10.6 ...New!
3.0 for MacOS X 10.2
2.4b3 PPC MacOS 7, 8 and 9 405,017 bytes
2.2b Windows NT by Andrew Rowbottom
2.2b HP PA-RISC HPUX 9.05 100,223 bytes
2.2b Sun SPARC Solaris 2.5 117,905 bytes
2.2b PReP JCC BSD 4.4+ 785,344 bytes
2.2b PC i586 Linux 2.0 987,103 bytes

Any help is welcome to debug, extend, and export sbart.

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May 23, 2010 JST
Tatsuo Unemi, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University