This software doesn't run on a modern MacOS X machine because the binary code is for PowerPC CPU but not Intel. Because the author has given up to continue maintaining the source code to be runnable on the new machines, here you can use the original source codes for your creative activities in any manner under the following condition.

In case you want to distribute, publish, or sell something containing a copy of any part of the code or the other resource in any form including printed image, you are liable to attatch the information clearly understandable which part is the copy from the code.

The author would be happy if this code could inspire anybody to somthing creative. You can download the code from SBEAT32original.tgz (1.2MB) or (1.7MB).

July 23rd, 2013 Tatsuo Unemi.

Japanese sbeat 3.2 β1 for PowerMac Carbon was released on November 27, 2003.
Let's Breed Music! SBEAT developed by Tatsuo Unemi is a composition support tool to create short musical phrases and rhythms based on artificial selection, similarly as SBART. This is an application of Simulated Breeding, a type of Interactive Evolutionary Computing Technique.

MIDI Sample tune. Created in August 20, 2002.
MP3 -- 1.0MB

Click here for more sample tunes.
New tune was added in March, 25.

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Updated on November 27, 2003
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