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SBArt4 v4.8.1 for macOS was released on December 26, 2018.

SBART developed by Tatsuo Unemi is a design support tool to create an interesting 2D CG image based on artificial selection, which was originally proposed as Artificial Evolution by Mr. Karl Sims.

Version 4 is a full revision of the previous version 3, that takes advantage of graphic processor unit by compiling each genotype into a program of GLSL, OpenGL shading language. This innovation enabled breeding of abstract movies in realtime.

Download | System requirment | Publication | Working with Quartz Composer | Working with Final Cut Pro/Express Extra project Phylogeny | Extra project Breeding on Site | SBArt4 the Daily Movies| Daily Animation on WebGL| Daily Animation Viewer| Selections #1.


Click here to download. Version 4.8.1 is valid until December 31, 2019. A new version will be released before the expiration. Click here to download the version 3.17 runnable on OS X 10.6. This version is valid until 2031. Previous versions, 4.8 is here, 4.7 is here, 4.6 is here, and 3.16 is here.
This is a type of shareware. You can use it freely, but the following functionalities are restricted.
  1. Saves the genotypes of in a field window into a file.
  2. Saves the image, sound and movie into a file.
  3. Prints the image in a zooming window.
  4. Customizes the caption on a zoomed image.
  5. Displays the image on full screen.
  6. Copies the compiled code into the pasteboard.
  7. Saves the WebGL code of an individual into a HTML file.
Please make user registration and get your key to eliminate these restrictions. The key is valid for the next version too. The cost is $20 USD.

System requirment

Intel 64bit CPU, and OS X 10.7 - 10.11 or macOS 10.12 - 10.13 are required to run SBArt4. It does not run on the machines older than 2009 equipped with Intel GMA graphics processor.
The latest version doesn't run on 10.6 Snow Leopard any more. Please use v3.17 if you'd like to try this software on OS X 10.6.


Working with Quartz Composer

You can export your bred gene to a built-in patch named Core Image Filter of Quartz Composer, a powerful graphical programing environment for visual effects in MacOS X, by copying the compiled code of genotype to the clipboard and pasting it to the settings in the patch's inspector. You can use it to make your own screen saver. The disk image downloadable from the above link includes sample composition files.

Working with Final Cut Pro/Express

You can export your bred gene to the video effects Plug-Ins for Apple's video-authoring softwares, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. Please click here for detail on SBArt4 FxPlugs.


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